WE do not get to post much on our blog. Now we are being forced to report on Sasha and post on his blog. WE regard this as a favour and hope he appreciates our regard for his well being.

He is sulking in his hiding place during the day at the nice place he has been sent to, and coming out at night to eat his food. This does not seem normal to us. But what do we know? WE are fish and used to the watery world. WE also tend to hide away under our rocky shelves during the day in the hotter weather.

More Rain and Wind

The Human bailed out The Pond Water this morning with a small bucket. It takes her many tri20160108_094530ps from The Pond to the drainage outlet. Overnight we had gained several centimetres of water. We wonder if we gather enough water in The Pond, whether it will take over a larger area and we can set off on an adventure into other parts of the world.

The Cat Sasha tells us this is a BAD IDEA. We wonder if he doesn’t want us to intrude into his territory. He has the run of the house and garden. Maybe he doesn’t want any of us sitting beside him on the lounge watching TV. We can only wonder at the thought of television and if we might see any interesting programs about Fish.



The Pump Fails

Pond at twilight

We always thought the pump was reliable. It has refreshed the water for us by circulating  it  through  the  terracotta  dragon  for  countless  years  of  our  group  memory.

Then during The Storm we heard loud bangs from far away and the pump stopped.

In the morning the cat, Sasha told the human our pump was not working, but she took no notice. We could see him putting his paws up to her and fastening his eyes on her, but all she could hear was meowing. She pushed him off.

She was busy getting the quince tree branches sawn off  when she noticed she could not hear water falling.

‘The Pump is dead,’ she cried out.

‘My fish may die!’

That was bad news. Fortunately the man sawing the quince tree managed to revive The Pump. He cleaned out the silt and it came to life. Then he replaced the tube running through The Dragon and torrents of water rushed through, much  more  than  before .

Here we are at twilight in our invigorated water.


one of Sasha’s furry internet friends passed on yesterday. WE don’t know what to think about life and death, but we are sorry for his devoted humans.

We will try to leave a message in case we can as fish. We are finding we do not have a proper fish identity when we post, which means it is difficult to attract any followers. We haven’t found any other blogs by Shubunkins or Comets, or any other fish.

A burst of hot weather

They call it an Indian Summer, but we don’t think we have gone to India. The food keeps falling and the cat jumps in a lively fashion around The Pond. We feel more lively when the weather is warm.
When the human looks at us she seems anxious and we don’t know why. Is there a cloud looming above the sky roof?
Princess Aurora says that when she puts up her mouth into the air she can sense a change of scent. Fruit from the quince tree has ripened and is being gathered.