We are safe in our temporary pond

The man came and pumped our water with a loud noise like a waterfall.

We were afraid. So we hid

under our slate shelves. Then he pulled out the plants and one slate shelf. We didn’t have much water left. We hid together under the one slate shelf.

Then he put in the nets. We showed how fast we could swim, twisting and turning, but gradually each of us fell into the nets, flailing and splashing. It was horrible whirling through the air. Fish like water. We love water. We breathe water. Water is our life.

Now we are all swimming in a smaller pond. We don’t mind it. The pump is spraying up and we are together with most of our plants.

We wait to see what happens. The human says she hopes to get a new fibreglass lining cast for The Pond.

The video shows our new little pond and The Pond empty.


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