Our Offspring

We haven’t posted for many weeks. The food bearer favours the cat and he has many followers.

But we have exciting news. We have seven offspring the food bearer is raising in a separate nursery. In the summer mating season our beautiful Wave mated with several females, who deposited their eggs on a plant that was only in the pond for a week.

The food bearer, Lynette, keeps some of our plants in water filled buckets in the sunshine because The Pond is shady. She found tiny fish had hatched from their eggs and were swimming around in the bucket. More fish hatched and after a few weeks she moved them to a larger container near The Pond. With hot summer conditions she changed their bucket water often to keep them cool. They are eating brine shrimp and a little bit of flake food.

Our Names

The Food Bearer told us we should have names. We already have names, of course, but she doesn’t know them.

‘I will name you!’ she tells us. She doesn’t bother to ask for our names.

‘I will be able to call each of you by name when we have a chat,’ she says. We never have a chat, but we pretend to be pleased. I will photograph each of you and attach your name,’ she says.

We will try to remember these new names but we wonder how long this phase will last. She throws down some food from The Bountiful Supply. The cat is looking disdainfully from his perch.