WE  POND FISH are Comets and Shubunkins. Originally, generations ago, we were three Comets and three Shubunkins. Now we are a mixture of the two. Princess Aurora herself is a pale fish, like the previous lead fish Dawn. Whether Princess Aurora is a female or a male we cannot be sure. Dawn we think was a male fish. Most of The Pond Fish are now orange fish. We are an intelligent lot and know when we are about to be fed.

The oldest of us is Streak, who is all orange and a Comet. She must be eighteen or nineteen years old. We think she is one of the original Pond Fish, who came here through the sky in a PLASTIC BAG. This is how fish travel from the AQUARIUM to the POND. Only one lot of us came here and we have stayed ever since.

In the heat of the day we rest underneath our rocky shelves and our waterlily leaves.

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