Fresh Water: We thank the Hose

The food bearer took some of our water and gave it to the plants. It will nourish them, she told us

Then The Hose made a splashing torrent for us, filling up The Pond to its former level.

Thank you, noble Hose. We come up to thank Hose and stare at the food bearer. The lazy cat is still in bed. Then he comes outside. We watch as he attracts the attention of the human. But we are more beautiful.



Still in our temporary pond

Sasha the cat assured us we would be going back into our refurbished pond today.

Some people came and made a lot of noise dragging things around, but we are here still and they made the water muddy with sloshing water out and in.

The food provider apologized and said they would be back next Tuesday. The fibreglass may have some fumes left that would make us feel uncomfortable  she said.

So it is a matter of being patient yet again.

We swim in the currents and would love to be able to dive once again into our sheltered caves.

Not so good news

This summer has been so hot that most of our plants have died. We still have two plants on our shelves that have leaves and our Papyrus plants. Our waterlily is shooting up leaves, but something eats them before they get to the top of the water. Maybe we are eating them? The human keeps staring at the plant and wondering what to do. She even bought a new waterlily and it was okay for a while. Then the leaves started to disappear.

But we are still feeding and playing.

We will get the human to look at the pond and take a photo or two to upload.

Princess Aurora goes to the Rainbow Bridge Pond


For she who swims now through the endless shining waters

We mourn for her
our hearts diminished.
Swimming deeper
we bathe in the shadows of the lily
dive through the sparkle
of the fountain water

She dwells now in our memory
her scales are iridescent opals
they are pearl drops in the moonlight

Seaweeds stroke her body
in the eddies and byways
near the shores of her departure

Sisters and brothers
brush their fins against her gently,
guide her through the currents
to the spirits of our ancestors
as they pass in mighty shoals
swimming through the long time
the days and nights

 transcribed by Lynette Arden for the Pond Fish