Last night we had a big storm. It filled up the pond so it nearly overflowed. This morning The Human had to bail it out with a small bucket. WE swam around eagerly waiting for our food, but we didn’t get near her when she was bailing the water.

T20160706_170411he Cat Sasha was still in bed when our food offerings were sprinkled, which gave us some peace. He likes to poke his nose down at Princess Aurora and eagerly looks over us as we dart around. We are suspicious of his intentions.

The Human pulls him away, saying ‘naughty Sasha.’ But we notice she still fawns over him, stroking his coat.


6 thoughts on “Storm

  1. We are glad the human bailed your pond and made it better for you.
    Yes she does like the cat. He is curious.
    We are cats too and we know we cannot be trusted by you 😉
    It is better for you if we keep our distance and just watch you 🙂
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

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