Midwinter sunlight

After days of rain and cold, weeks of rainy and cold weather, we are enjoying a brief burst of sunshine. The cat went for a walk. He is very spoilt. He looks at us through our water ceiling and if he were not afraid, he might jump in to keep us company. As it is he backs off. 

When the human put some rugs down for him  on the seat he has claimed for his own, he clawed at her. She never gets a chance to sit there now, although the seat is designed for humans, not cats. We wonder at how she thinks he is so special. She thinks the sun shines from his eyes, but we think differently. We see his demanding behaviour.

Meanwhile we swim together, our scales sometimes touch lightly and the sun gently covers us in a glow of orange and silver.

We are celebrating water, as always. So we have included some water photos from Adelaide Zoo and Adelaide Botanic Gardens and a couple of photos of our birdbath. We don’t know how Sasha managed to include himself. He is very self centred.

Princess Aurora Shubunkin (For the Pond Fish)

2 thoughts on “Midwinter sunlight

  1. Princess Aurora we really enjoyed your pictures 🙂
    That is a very pretty Zoo and we thought the hippos were cool.
    The otter too.
    As we are cats, we like Sasha.
    We do,however respect you as fish and we would not try to invade your space.
    We do not think Sasha would either.
    It is fun to learn about you and hear your stories.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


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