Lowering the WATER

The water is our home. It is a certain depth and we like it that way. Sometimes it rises, when the water comes from the green mesh part of the sky roof. Even once we had ice dripping down.

We don’t like the times when the water sinks really low. The human likes to lower it sometimes to ‘freshen it up’, as she says. We are not sure if she is speaking to us or to the Cat Sasha. He usually reminds her if the water is getting too low, as she is forgetful.

One day She lowered the water and forgot that she had shut the kitchen door with the Cat Sasha inside. He doesn’t like that. He told us.

Because he was inside and She was busy cutting bushes in The Garden, she forgot the water and it got very very low. She opened the kitchen door and the Cat Sasha came straight out. Then she realized THE POND WATER was very low, barely above our glorious fins.

She rapidly put the hose snout into The Pond and began to fill it. She even carried water in buckets and slowly tipped it in.

Soon we felt more comfortable.

2 thoughts on “Lowering the WATER

  1. You may be wary of the cat Sasha, but we think he looks out for you.
    We purr Sasha will make sure the human takes good care of you
    and your friends Princess Aurora 🙂
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


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