Welcome to the website of Princess Aurora, Pondfish.

I used to share a blog with a cat, but my siblings and other relatives felt we did not get a proper share of the postings, so we have swum to this Place on the Internet, waving our fins in excitement, and are ready to share our thoughts with the wider world.

The Pond is an exciting place, with a crowd of us living together. We have a fully fledged society. So. We are dependent on the human to sprinkle food and we look up to The Dragon Fountain overlooking The Pond and splashing us with refreshing water.

We have concluded that The Dragon is not a god, or if he is a god then he is inactive, apart from the continuous splashings. So we do not direct our prayers to him any more.

We are suspicious of the cat, but feel he is fairly harmless. We hope he will remain that way. He thinks he is our Guardian, we are convinced. Just because he reminds the human to feed us, and if the water level is getting low on some catastrophic occasion does not qualify as a Guardian.

We think he is immature


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