New Plants for Valentine’s

For a late gift the food bearer gave us some plants. We really wanted milfoil, because we eat it, but there hasn’t been any at the local nursery all season.

The cat didn’t get a Valentine’s gift. He usually gets most of the attention.

Marsilea drummondi and Marsilea costulifera

The food bearer made a video for us.

The Pond 17 February 2021

Spring Blossoms and Bees

It is spring. Blossoms are falling on the pond from the flowering trees nearby. Our human provider made a video of the bees buzzing in the crabapple tree near our pond.

The neighbour at the back of our place has cut down his high hedge, so much more light is now falling on the pond. The water is sparkling. We are pleased and hope our plants grow better, but worried that it might be hotter in summer than we appreciate.

Fresh Water: We thank the Hose

The food bearer took some of our water and gave it to the plants. It will nourish them, she told us

Then The Hose made a splashing torrent for us, filling up The Pond to its former level.

Thank you, noble Hose. We come up to thank Hose and stare at the food bearer. The lazy cat is still in bed. Then he comes outside. We watch as he attracts the attention of the human. But we are more beautiful.