one of Sasha’s furry internet friends passed on yesterday. WE don’t know what to think about life and death, but we are sorry for his devoted humans.

We will try to leave a message in case we can as fish. We are finding we do not have a proper fish identity when we post, which means it is difficult to attract any followers. We haven’t found any other blogs by Shubunkins or Comets, or any other fish.

We swim

we swim we float we wave our fins

cat guardian?

We see him stare at us as we eat our foods. He just stares. We think his eyes are pond water green. Looking through the true world of water into the false world of air he wavers before our eyes. Princess Aurora rises to the surface to check for any danger. The dragon is motionless. The water flows over our fins. The cat steps back as the human calls.

we dive

the pond ripples slowly outward from the fountain spout



The Cat Sasha went out

We saw him on the edge of the pond and then we know he went out the gate. We know he is not allowed out. He thinks he looks after the human, but she knows he could get run over if he went onto the road, so she is very concerned.

We don’t think he has many brains and he is very young. Fortunately the human saw him at the bedroom window, she told us and she called him in before he could get into trouble.