Not so good news

This summer has been so hot that most of our plants have died. We still have two plants on our shelves that have leaves and our Papyrus plants. Our waterlily is shooting up leaves, but something eats them before they get to the top of the water. Maybe we are eating them? The human keeps staring at the plant and wondering what to do. She even bought a new waterlily and it was okay for a while. Then the leaves started to disappear.

But we are still feeding and playing.

We will get the human to look at the pond and take a photo or two to upload.

3 thoughts on “Not so good news

  1. Yikes! We purr that the remaining plants will remain healthy.
    Good thing your purrson is getting more plants.We hope you are not eating them 😉 MOL!
    You need your plants for shade and nourishment, not to mention playing hide and seek.
    We purr you figure out what is going on!

    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

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