Swimming on a Hot Day

The weather is hot again. It is supposed to be an Indian Summer, we heard. Summer does not seem to have stopped for a long time. We had some of our pond water changed over a week ago. No one seems to remember exactly when.

The days melt into one another.

The blue umbrella is opened to shelter us. Breakfast was stress free, as the cat stayed indoors. The food bearer told us he had appropriated a chair for himself by throwing out the former occupants.

This is typical cat behaviour, no doubt.

We are pleased for him and hope he stays there.

Meanwhile we swim. Silky water wavers through our fins . . .

4 thoughts on “Swimming on a Hot Day

  1. Bet you are glad to have the umbrella for protection from the hot sun 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed a meal in peace.
    We cats tend to be very curious and we can see you may not like that when you are eating 😉
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ


  2. hay ewe pond fish !!!! waves frum de land oh trout 🙂

    we just wanted two say itz troo…sasha keepz inn side.. he may knot vizit; hiz roo teen haz been upset bye lynettea; she wont feed him brekfast at 6 sharp; heez ree sorted two other tacticz… which may… ore may knot …haz caused a dee lay in him visitin with ewe 😉

    we hope ewe stay happee and well; happee week end ! ♥♥♥


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