Princess Aurora Interviews the Cat Sasha

cropped-interviewThe Cat Sasha is always very interested in supervising us at meal times. Princess Aurora wondered why he was so often staring at us when we ate. Our foods are very tiny, mere grains, and could surely not tempt a huge cat like Sasha.

Maybe he thinks he will put us in some kind of order to eat the foods. We would resent that. We do not like any interference in our regular habits. We are capable of eating our foods without supervision.

Now we find that it is his birthday in a couple of days and Lynettea wants us to surprise him with a secret gift. We have not had a gift for our many birthdays. So many birthdays we can count when no-one has given us a gift.

We resent being asked. But we suppose we will comply, as the food bearer has requested it.

When Princess Aurora asked him why he was looking at us, he fobbed her off with a silent stare. Then Lynettea forced him to move away, so she was not able to continue the interview.


4 thoughts on “Princess Aurora Interviews the Cat Sasha

  1. hello pond fish frum da tabbies o trout towne 🙂 we N joyed yur interview two day; we think itz all sew way kewl ewe did a book for sasha for hiz birthday; we R new two both yur blogs; if ewe due knot understand R speech; itz oh kay; we due knot understand R selvez …..veree nice two meet ewe ♥♥♥ stop bye blogger any time; we R all wayz ther…. !!


  2. You are lovely fish and we can see why Sasha likes to look at you.
    You are graceful. We also think Sasha is amazed that you like water.
    It is not something we cats generally want to play in,just drink.
    A secret gift for Sasha> Hmmmmmmm.
    We think you deserve gifts too.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

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